counselling and psychotherapy in bath and warminster counselling and psychotherapy in bath and warminster
Lee Roethenbaugh
Psychotherapy and Counselling in Bath and Wiltshire

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“When we understand more about ourselves and what motivates us, we have a greater choice and freedom in our lives”

Psychotherapy offers a safe space in which to explore our lives. The quality of the therapeutic relationship is very important- we are often wounded in relationship and therefore, I believe, there exists an opportunity through therapy to help people grow and realise previously hidden potential enabling them to truly become themselves.

Sometimes things build up and stop us enjoying our lives. We might feel overwhelmed, angry, anxious or finding difficulty coping with aspects in our lives. Whatever may bring you to therapy, we can work collaboratively to look at what is going on for you at this time.

Many people find that psychotherapy helps them deal with feelings that are unwanted and confusing - it gives us the opportunity to take a closer look at ourselves and to ask questions such as “What makes me who I am?” And “Why do I feel the way I do?” ; questions that might feel too difficult to ask when we are alone.

Each journey in therapy is of course unique, but previously people have reported relief from the intensity of the following difficulties: Depression, anxiety, critical thoughts, isolation and loneliness, bereavement, anger, family  and relationships, phobias and obsessions, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks.

My practice offers individual psychotherapy and counselling at a low cost at my practices in Central Bath and Westbury, Wiltshire.